what if you were in school taking a test and you sort of whisper to yourself “work sucks” and blink-182 come down from the sky and rest their hands on your shoulders and whisper “i know” back at you

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and this ending ah yes I remember this ending


Told you Jack was a groupie.

My favorite thing about gotg was how Peter overcame his grief and turned into a goofball. We first saw him mourning over his loss and then abducted by an alien spacecraft. Imagine the terror and despair he had to go through…but next scene he’s dancing wild and enjoying the little things in life. And I think it sends a very meaningful message to the kids out there who have lost their parents. It tells them ”yes there are hard times and you’ll feel lost and lonely, but everything will turn out okay in the end.”


If this happens, and those pictures resurface when West is in middle school and he gets bullied, who do you think is the first person he’s going to lash out at?


Honestly, I can see it now. He comes home from school where his classmates have Westpocalypse pictures everywhere. I could easily see him saying to Misha, “Why’d you have to be famous? Why did your fans do this to me? Do they hate me?”

Seriously guys, PLEASE, don’t do this to West.

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